Better Brand Story

Your brand has a story. We’re expert storytellers.


You know the power of storytelling

You’ve heard it time and time again, story sells.
And yet you’re stuck selling features and benefits
You’re planning another talking head video right now.
Maybe you’ll convince your boss to add some juicy b-roll
Maybe you’ll get super lucky and get some sound design, probably not though

You want the sexy stories, you want to do something more creative.
But how can you convince the boss, the board, that person
The person who’s decided against creative videos because…

Because there’s risk in storytelling. 
How can you… What happens if… Do you have… Can we see…

Is it risky to be the market leader? 
I take that back, you’re barely using video now.
Just the mere fact your company uses video now is a minor miracle.

Perhaps the Better Brand Story™ method can help.
We’re using proven processes that get leads, sales, things they care about.
Plus, we drive conversion rates through the roof.
Win Win.

Are you ready?
Ready to have a marketing tool that works 24/7 for your business
Ready to have a business asset that positions your company ahead of the competition
Ready to connect with prospective customers in the most powerful way
Ready to guide your customers to your most profitable product or service, again and again
Ready to work with an expert storyteller who can make it easy.
Ready to work with a strategic partner and not just “another vendor”?

Not ready?
So you want to wait another quarter, another year.
I get it, you want to wait until your competitors already have taken marketshare.
It’s safer to sit back and let others dominate. 
Perhaps your potential customer really do prefer boring videos because that’s what they search for on Netflix when they get home. “Boring, corporate talking head videos”. 
Secretly I love that category on Netflix. Really great for falling asleep to.
Perhaps your company doesn’t budget for marketing because they hate growth.



It’s your choice.
Tell a Better Brand Story™

Make it one worth sharing.



If you are someone who is ready, then send us an email.

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